What happened to Holocaust survivors?

New video: “A Holocaust Survivor’s Route Home (Actual Footage)”.

How did survivors of the holocaust make it home after they were liberated? The truth is not many did, so what exactly did they go through?

Holocaust video

We’ve delved into video archives to help explain. Hit play…

The video covers:

How many survived the holocaust?

Many liberated prisoners still did not survive the holocaust and continued to die in their thousands after the war – find out why.

Auschwitz facts

Much of the footage comes from Auschwitz and you will see and learn about the infamous concentration camp – and the Holocaust in general

Auschwitz gas chambers, Auschwitz museum and Auschwitz tour

See video footage of the ruins of the gas chambers and the crematorium. These are now sites in the museum and form key sites on the Auschwitz tour.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Many have read the book but the video shows the real conditions the story was set in and where the real tattooist of Auschwitz lived.

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