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Stanisława Leszczyńska: Auschwitz’s Midwife

Who was Stanisława Leszczyńska\/ When Stanisława Leszczyńska completed her midwifery degree never could she have imagined the impact it would have or the legacy it would leave. She was a Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz and she tended to thousands of women as the camp’s midwife. Stanislawa delivered over 3000 babies in the concentration camp and defied orders given to…

Inside Hitler bunker: Photos and video of the Fuhrerbunker

The Hitler Bunker or Fuhrerbunker was located in the centre of Berlin and its legend is kept alive as the spot where Hitler committed suicide, shotting himself in the temple. Read about the Fuhrerbunker and watch our video that takes you down the steps and into Hitler’s final moments. A brief overview of Hitler bunker…

Albert Goering biography: Hermann’s anti-Nazi brother

Albert Goering biography When looking at WWII there are few names shrouded in more infamy than Goering. As Reichsmarschall, Hermann Goering was the highest rank in the Wehrmacht and one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, answering only to Hitler himself. His position and role in the war means that the blame for…

How Many Did Hitler Kill personally?

When it comes to the total number of deaths one person is responsible for, Hitler comes third after Stalin and Mao – but just how many did Hitler kill personally? Did Hitler kill personally? This post looks at all feasible periods, incidents and opportunities in which Hitler could kill personally. ‘Personally’ means a Hitler kill caused…

Hitler’s voice: LISTEN to The only known recording

You’re probably only just realising this… but you’ve (probably) never heard Hitler’s ‘normal’ voice before. That is to say, we only now hear his voice through the videos and recording of his rallying speeches.

Nazi Child Soldiers: Dead Devoted.

When looking at Hitler’s use of children in the WW2 a pattern eventually emerges. As Hitler became more desperate, the Hitler Youth became more involved. By the end of the war boys as young as 8 were shooting at American troops with rifles they could barely carry. Hitler Youth units were created within the Waffen-SS with their soldiers…

denazification: how Germany avoided generation of fascists

After WW2 Germany had a problem. A generation knew nothing else than Nazi ideology and posed a threat to German society – denazification was needed. The situation in Germany post-WW2 After the war was over, there was a fear that Germany would have a generation Nazi sympathisers due to the indoctrination from the Hitler Youth.…

Greece in WW2: The Unsung Heroes

Intro to Greece in WW2 Has the role of the Greece in WW2 been unjustly overlooked and disregarded? The Greek mainland was occupied by the axis armies on April 30th 1941 after the “Battle of Greece” was lost by the resistance and allied forces. This resulted in the evacuation of the Commonwealth Expeditionary Forces who fled…

Paula Hitler: The life and views of Hitler’s Sister

Delving into the life of Paula Hitler tantalises us with the prospect of a totally unique viewpoint and knowledge on the Fuhrer. Perhaps it will portray a side rarely told in the history book and movies. After reading around the topic for this post, I think there certainly some truth to this.

How is WW2 Taught in Germany?

Growing up in an allied country, WW2 is looked back on through the lens of the victors. A sense of sadness at the events of the war is paired with pride. A large part of this is eduction in schools. But how is WW2 taught in Germany? Finding out how is WW2 taught in Germany…

Operation Mincemeat: The Biggest Bluff of WWII

The agent used in Operation Mincemeat was worlds away from the charming and sophisticated agent popular culture often likes to depict – he was a semi-literate tramp from Aberbargoed, Wales. This agent’s name was Glyndwr Michael. Whats more is that Michael was already dead when he successfully carried out his mission.

What Happened To Medieval Battlefields After the Fighting Was Over?

It looks much like you’d expect: there was a lot of opportunistic looting after a battle. Sometimes, if the armour was old or broken, and the victorious army didn’t want to lug it home to recycle the materials, it might be left on the bodies. You see this at the graveyard from the Battle of…

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